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Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Safety is paramount in any sport and so is the case with dirt bikes. Whether you have just started riding a dirt bike or you are an experienced rider, dirt bike gear is an investment that will always pay off. Choosing the right dirt bike gear is important to ensure a good and safe time when riding a dirt bike. Dirt bike riding can be a dangerous game. Hence you need to make sure you wear all the right protective equipment to be as safe as possible. How much money do you invest in your equipment and when do you ignore this investment? In this guide to DIRT BIKE safety equipment, we have covered every aspect of how to get the best dirt bike safety equipment.

How to select dirt bike gear?

Dirt bike safety equipment covers you from top to bottom to protect you as much as possible. The most important equipment you will need is a helmet. Other equipments required for riding are shoes, vests, or chest protectors. Let’s find out what equipment is best to wear to maximize your driving pleasure.

How to choose the right helmet?

The most important dirt biker gear is a helmet. Avoid cheap ones in particular. Don’t assume that a high-quality helmet equipped with all safety features will be cheap.

A quality dirt bike helmet undergoes a series of endurance tests. They are approved according to DOT, ECE, or SHARP standards. It should be noted that the full-face helmet is the most ideal to protect the head and face. Equally important is the comfort of riding a helmet. Another aspect you want to pay attention to is ventilation. Quality helmets have many openings that ensure good air circulation. It is also important that you buy one that fits your head. This is because not wearing the right size can increase your chances of serious head injuries. Choose a helmet with a hydrophobic coating to prevent the visor from fogging up. Again, blinds can be valuable. Thanks to the helmet, riding a motorcycle is safe and comfortable. It protects your eyes from wind, dust, rain, and mosquitoes.

Dirt bike jackets

Another important part of the equipment is a jacket. Jackets usually have built-in shoulder, elbow, and back protection. The back is generally poorly protected or unprotected. It is therefore always necessary to obtain separate back protection with straps that can be worn under a jacket.

Adventure bike jackets that are perfect for all forms of motorcycle travel. And in this case, by travel we mean motorcycle adventures through multiple climates and weather conditions and that means these jackets have added ventilation and features that make them suitable for varied elements as well as those riding both road and off-road.

Dirt bike pants

Pants are equipped with built-in waist, thigh, and knee protection. They are designed to protect the rider’s feet not only from accidental damage but also from heat and water.

Dirt bike pants are important because their material prevents them from tearing easily. It also ensures that you can easily move and do not restrict like jeans and other materials. A good to have feature of pants is that they should have a leather coating around the knees. This part of the body often rubs against the dirt bike and near the exhaust, so it too needs extra protection.

Dirt bike vests

Like a helmet, vests are a must. In addition to protecting your chest, and ribs, they also protect your back in case of a collision. Vests can also help protect your body from mud and rocks that the rider in front of you throws at you. Dirt bike body harnesses range from lightweight vests in under-style jerseys to fully durable protective suits and everything in between. It’s up to you what protection you need. Vests come in many different shapes and styles. Many racers usually use a minimalist chest protector. Since it not only provides sufficient protection but also allows you to move quickly.

How to choose dirt bike boots?

Like jackets and pants, dirt bike boots should be made of durable material. Boots should have toe protection to protect the foot from injury. They should be properly adjusted to strengthen and prevent the joint from slipping out in the event of an accident.

Dirt bike boots also have to meet many other conditions. They should have a smooth and reinforced surface so that you can move the gears comfortably. Boots need to have a fastening or buckle to be firm and give a good “feeling”. This is necessary to facilitate proper braking and downshifting. Boots should offer greater protection against bumps, blows, and objects. They should also offer incredible support to prevent ankle and lower leg injuries.

Neck brace

The neck brace provides extra protection against serious neck injuries in the event of a fall. Although not used by all riders, the designs have become much lower and more comfortable in recent years, and many brands are now upgrading their bulletproof vests to fit along with neck braces without any problems. In fact, neck protectors have saved many lives.

How to decide between knees and knee braces?

When it comes to knee protection when riding a dirt bike, there are two types of protection: knees pads and knee braces. Knee pads protect you from bumps and dirt. Braces are another level of knee protection, because they also provide protection against bumps and dirt, but also provide support to prevent serious knee injuries such as broken ligaments. Knee braces are a must for racers like any rider looking for maximum knee protection. If you can afford it or you have bad/weak knees, then a set of knee braces would be a good investment.

What other body protection should I look for?

In fact, there is the possibility of additional body protection for dirt bikes and enduro riders. These include elbow pads, kidney straps, and back and wrist pads. A wrist brace is recommended because the natural reaction in case of a fall is using your hands and it’s not fun when the wrist is broken or injured.

These things depend on personal preferences, or you may already have an injury that requires one of them for extra support, such as a kidney belt or a wrist brace. Elbow pads, back pads, and neck support devices are optional equipment that provides extra protection when riding on TRAILS.

How do I get all this equipment on the track?

Now you’re probably wondering how do I carry all the equipment on the track? There is a simple answer and it is a dirt bike gear bag. You need a proper dirt bike kitty to keep your equipment in order.

Most equipment manufacturers offer a bag designed to fit all your protective equipment while being strong and durable to control the weight and features.


A dirt bike is a sport that should be taken seriously because it can cause damage to life if you are not equipped. The most important safety equipment you should wear is a helmet, boots, body armor, knee and elbow pads, neck strap, and goggles. Without it, even small wrinkles and side effects can affect your vital organs.

As long as you wear your dirt bike gear, you can withstand almost any accident and incident without having to carry its weight forever.

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