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Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Buying and selling dirt bikes can be a daunting task. Many dirt bike enthusiasts often worry of the title. In some states, it is illegal to own an unregistered bike. A dirt bike title is proof of legal ownership. This valuable document is not uncommon when selling an old dirt bike model. Depending on the type of bike and its total cost, you can decide to buy it even if the title is lost or in doubt.

Here’s everything you need to know about getting a title for dirt bike and staying safe.

What is a dirt bike title?

The title has a very simple role. The DIRT BIKE title document proves legal ownership. The department of motor vehicles (DMV) issues the title. The title contains all the information about the owner, which gives him the legal right to ride. The title also helps to get insurance for the dirt bike.

The dirt bike VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is very important to obtain the title. Each rider should check the bike serial number before purchasing. Bikers must present a fully registered certificate of ownership to prove ownership of the dirt bike. Name, address, birth date, and phone number are crucial details. The Motor Vehicles department is responsible for publishing the titles. Different states have different laws. Vehicle titles have below mentioned information,

  • Name and address of owner

  • Year of vehicle production

  • Vehicle model and production

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

  • Taxation details

Do dirt bikes come with titles?

Although not every old dirt bike will have a title. New dirt bike may come with a title. If title is not available for a new dirt bike, you can apply for it since no one has made use of it before you.

Why you must have a title?

Getting a title is not mandatory if the state you reside in does not mandate it. But it’s always recommended to have a title for your dirt bike even if your state of residence does not require so. New dirt bikes come without titles. The buyer is obliged to claim ownership when purchasing. In most states, it is illegal to buy a new dirt bike without a certificate. The title helps identify the owner of the dirt bike, whether it is new or old. Always try to obtain a signed document proving your ownership of the dirt bike. This will help you get insurance and sell the dirt bike in the future.

Should I get a title if I buy a dirt bike?

‘Manufacturers statement of origin’ (MSO) document comes from the manufacturer with a new bike. The document describes the vehicle type motorcycle, car, truck, weight, GWR, color, VIN on the road or off-road only and other items. If the seller sells the bike, the loan (if any) will be marked and signed “Total paid” and must be signed by the seller on the back of the buyer. The buyer has to (or usually done by the seller as required by a particular state) take the MSO to the DMV or other government agency, pay or provide proof of paid sales tax, and issue the state title.

New dirt bike title

Getting a title for a new dirt bike is easy because there are no complications. Bike registration can help provide proof of ownership. The new dirt bikes have no titles. The buyer must meet all legal requirements to obtain ownership from DMV. Otherwise a dirt bike is not legal on the street.

Old dirt bike title

A few years ago, many people had unregistered dirt bikes because the law was unclear. But high levels of crime and fraud have forced many states to revise their laws. It is safer to buy dirt bike from a dealer with the title. Buying an unregistered dirt bike is a risky purchase and you could land in legal trouble.

Do you need a title to sell a dirt bike?

Dirt bike titles are a form of proof of legal ownership. They are less common when selling dirt bikes, especially when selling older models, but possessing a title can be valuable. Most states do not require a title when selling dirt bikes.

How do I get a dirt bike title?

Riding a dirt bike without a title is illegal in most states. It is important to get a title for your bike so that you can enjoy the track or trails. If you are buying an old dirt bike without a title, always check it to find the original owner. Take the VIN from the bike and take it to the DMV to find information about the owner. Contact the original owner by letter or social network and wait for feedback.

To obtain a title from DMV headquarters, use a certified letter from the original owner with an invoice for sale and takeover. If the old dirt wheel has a scratched VIN, don’t buy it. Obtaining a title for a new bike is a simple process. A company that sells a dirt bike can help you get a title without having to visit a DMV office and going through an inspection.

What is the VIN number of dirt bike and how is it checked?

Dirt bike VIN is a code that reveals the wheel model, parts, manufacturer, technical specifications, location and year of manufacture. A VIN is also called a VIN code or body number. The code is important when buying parts for your dirt bike. It is used by all bike and vehicle manufacturers. The VIN is located near the steering on a metal plate. The 17-digit code is either printed or engraved. The location of the VIN is generally the same for motorcycles and dirt bikes – on the steering wheel neck – although some are on the motor near the bottom of the cylinders. Turn the handlebars to the left and look at the right side of the frame where the steering head passes through the frame.

How to find owner by a VIN number?

Visit any VIN check website to get this information quickly. Enter the VIN in the search field, press “Enter” – and you will immediately see a message about the history of the car, including information about the previous owner (or more owners).


When buying a dirt bike, it is important to check the facts to avoid breaking the rules. Obtaining a dirt bike title can help prove legal ownership and obtain insurance coverage. Most bikers do not have a title. However, in order to legally enjoy RIDING on the road or on the tracks, it is necessary to have a title.

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