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How to prepare for a lesson

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Here is a guide on what to expect and how to prepare for a private riding lesson. This process has been developed over my years of coaching and training all levels of riders. With focus on fundamentals, Max Off-Road gives the tools needed to develop a riders fundamentals into their natural riding habits. Everybody is a little different so we work to develop YOUR riding style within a framework of positioning and technique.

Intro Clinics

We start by getting you fitted up with gear. We have everything needed head to toe. We recommend wearing jeans and hiking boots, if you don't have them, we have riding pants and boots for you. Ankle high hiking/work boots are ideal for beginners since you can feel the footpegs, shifter, and rear brake pedal better than with stiff motocross boots. Underlayers are required for riding pants, so yoga pants or some kind of athletic short can make for a good underlayers. Knee pads go on under riding pants or over jeans, then jersey or long sleeve, gloves, and a helmet. Elbow pads and chest protectors are offered but not required.

The lesson

The lesson itself is 3 hours long for a private lesson. We start by educating the new rider about the motorcycle. Once the rider has decent knowledge about how the bike works, we slowly start working into the riding portion. Starting with learning clutch engagement, we patiently progress you through a program designed to keep you safe and more importantly have fun.

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