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Max's Endurocross Journey: Updates, Tips, and Online Booking!

Hey, Riders, Racers, and Parents!

It's that exciting time of the year again when the roar of engines and the thrill of competition fill the air. The Endurocross season is in full swing, and in this blog, we've got a lot to share with you. From Max's latest performance updates to some valuable tips for both racing and life, and even a convenient way to book lessons online, we've got it all covered.

Max's Endurocross Adventure

Max kicked off the 2023 Endurocross season in Everett, Washington, with a bang. The first round saw Max securing an impressive 8th place overall, with moto scores of 8-4-9. But the action didn't stop there. Next up was Prescott Valley, where Max raced in front of his hometown crowd. The racing was intense, and Max gave it his all. He finished in 9th place overall, showing his determination to do even better at the next race. Max's next destination? Idaho Falls for the doubleheader this weekend, followed by round 5 in Redmond, OR on November 11th.

The Thrill of Endurocross

Endurocross is one of the wildest sports on two wheels, combining elements of motocross and challenging obstacles from enduro races within the confines of an indoor arena. The combination of speed, skill, and strategy makes it an exhilarating and intense spectacle for riders and spectators alike.

Tips and Tricks for Life and Racing

Preparation is key when it comes to Endurocross. To excel in this demanding sport, riders must be strong, fit, and mentally focused. Achieving these qualities during the off-season requires dedication and hard work. But perhaps the most critical element of preparation is the right mindset. Without the proper mental attitude, all other efforts can go to waste.

Just as riders meticulously plan their line choices on the track, they must also focus their thoughts and emotions to cultivate the proper mindset. Max emphasizes the importance of maintaining an excited yet calm state of mind when gearing up for races. This approach can be applied to life as well. Being aware of your mindset throughout the day can lead to better outcomes in all areas of life.

Online Booking Now Available

In our ongoing efforts to make your experience as convenient as possible, we are excited to announce that you can now book private and group lessons with Max online. Finding a date that works for you has never been easier, thanks to our integrated calendar and booking system. Simply follow the link below to schedule your next lesson:

November Enduro Fundamentals Clinic

For those looking to develop their technical riding skillset, we have a special treat for you. Our upcoming November Enduro Fundamentals Clinic is tailored for novice to intermediate riders who want to reinforce their enduro fundamentals. This 3.5 to 4-hour interactive class will cover the most crucial aspects of riding to help you progress safely at any level.

Date: 11/25
Location: North Phoenix

Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to boost your skills and take your riding to the next level.

In closing, the Endurocross season is off to an exciting start, and Max is ready to take on the challenges that lie ahead. Whether you're an aspiring racer or someone looking for valuable life tips, Max's insights can be a source of inspiration. And with our new online booking system, you can easily plan your lessons to enhance your riding skills.

Stay tuned for more updates from Max and the world of Endurocross. Until next time, keep the adrenaline flowing and the wheels spinning!

Ride on,


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