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Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Dirt bike tracks are one of the most interesting places where you can ride your dirt bikes. But as adventurous as it may seem, there is no denying the fact that DIRT BIKE RIDING can be the center of accidents and injuries. So it’s no surprise that people wonder “Do You Need Insurance For a Dirt Bike?” Other thoughts that come to mind are – dirt bikes are off-road vehicles, I drive off-road, and my bike is not even legal on the street. Do I still need dirt bike insurance? All of these are reasonable questions. However, the details of dirt bike insurance can be confusing. This is due to its resemblance to a conventional motorcycle cover. Some insurance companies even tie a dirt bike cover to the basic principles for motorcycles. In this article, we will explain common misconceptions about dirt bike insurance. So let’s start!

Is dirt bike insurance required by law?

Dirt bike insurance is optional if they are ridden off the road. But most states require dirt bike insurance to drive on the road. Dirt bike coverage is completely different for homeowners, cars, and even motorcycle coverage. Even without insurance, you can still take part in any dirt bike competition. Dirt bikes present many dangers when used on roads and highways, and most states have passed laws banning them on roads. By their nature dirt bikes should not fall under normal insurance coverage. They are not allowed on the road unless you modify them to suit the road by adding features such as taillights.

Off-road riding poses a variety of problems, so dirt bikes are not effectively cover by motorcycle insurance. In states that do not require insurance or registration for dirt bikes, riders may need to provide proof of insurance to gain access to certain areas, such as state parks.

What if I don’t have insurance?

Dirt bikes are used off the roads and can pose serious accident risks even for experienced drivers. Accidents can affect the bike body, steering, and tires. Sometimes this can involve other riders, but in many cases, property or innocent spectators will be involved. This can happen when the rider is a novice or just beginning to learn how to ride. It can also occur when driving carelessly in potholes or in a camp where cars and motorcycles arrive. No matter what happens, when you involve in an accident with another car, person, or property, they expect you to pay for the damages. The amount you pay depends on whether you have liability insurance. So, if you have liability insurance your insurance company will cover the damage you caused by the accident. This may mean your premiums will go up, but at least it won’t affect your bank accounts.

The importance of dirt bike insurance

One of the important reasons to buy dirt-bike insurance is theft. If you are insuring, you can recover some financial loss. Finally, you can also take out coverage to cover damage to your DIRT BIKE. Accidents, injuries during transport, or even an accidental fall of your bike can cause costly damage that you cannot pay for.

One situation that may require insurance is the financing of a dirt bike. Your bank, as a financial company that provides funds, cannot approve a loan unless you obtain insurance coverage and provide proof. Dirt-bike insurance gives you peace of mind, in case of litigation.

Why you don’t need insurance?

Unlike car insurance, dirt insurance is not a law in every state. Off-road insurance is not the same as motor insurance, because one is legal on the road, the other is not. Off-road bike insurance is finally up to you. Be careful; contact your local DMV and your insurance company and/or homeowners for information on dirt bike coverage in your state. provides more information, including specific off-road vehicle insurance. Each state may have different requirements, so check local laws.

Dirt bike insurance cost

Dirt bike coverage is usually cheaper than motorcycle insurance. Insurance amounts may vary from company to company, but the average policy can be for less than $ 100 a year. The affordability of a dirt bike policy means you can better protect yourself from all liability, damage, and damage to your engine. However, not all insurance companies offer dirt bike insurance. Dirt bikes are eligible for many discounts. Some common discounts include bundling insurance with other policies. Having an anti-theft system will bring discounts. Even GPS locators and walkie-talkies may get a discount. Some companies may even offer a discount if the rider completes a safety course. Try to contact your existing car and homeowners insurance company for package discounts.

It is also wise to call several insurance companies to get prices, this may surprise you at how much you will be saving.


Dirt bikes are often cheaper than motorcycles and most riders choose to refuse bike insurance. There is a possibility that you could injure yourself or other riders or damage your bike and the like. Most companies provide some level of protection for dirt bikes according to the policy, but dirt bikes have specific requirements that require their own policy. Arranging dirt bike coverage will ultimately depend on you. So, to answer the question “do you need insurance for a dirt bike? We would say having insurance can certainly give you peace of mind.

Disclaimer – This is just an information blog, where we post information, events, or articles related to dirt bikes. Max Off-road is not an insurance company, an agent, a provider, or a representative. We do not provide insurance and are not connected with or endorsed by any insurance company.

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