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DIRT BIKES are often thought of as “risky toys”. But this doesn’t mean that the activity is inherently dangerous. In fact, there are ways to reduce risk and learn safe riding. You have to set limits. If you introduce dirt bike rides within those limits for youths, youths will stay safe while having fun. Dirt bikes provide youth with many hours of exercise and fun as opposed to more sedentary activities like video games or watching TV. The other benefits of a dirt bike for youths include being outside, learning how to work on something, team building, building up their STEM-mechanical knowledge, and having fun.

Dirt bikes may provide joy and adventure to every student, hence schools should introduce dirt bikes in school PT. The school PE Program should be designed for children of all abilities and hopes to instill healthy habits at a young age.

Here are the top reasons why dirt bikes should be introduced in school for youths.

Fun and non-violent entertainment

When it comes to entertainment, youths are naturally inclined towards movies and video games that provide them with thrill, adventure, and excitement. Most movies and video games generally have a series of violent images. Dirt bike riding is a fun sport that allows riders the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and get in touch with nature while providing them with an exhilarating experience. It is extremely non-violent, even compared to other sports. Direct physical contact on the track between competitors is avoided on every occasion.

Promotes good health

Dirt bike riding is physically demanding and one of the best fitness sports. It requires being in the best of health at all times. When youths understand how physically demanding the sport can be and the fitness regime riders go through to stay in the best shape. It motivates youths to work on their overall fitness. It encourages a healthy lifestyle.

Promotes mental health

Dirt bike riding helps to activate the brain and improves cognitive functions like learning, perception, memory, attention, decision making, and reasoning. RIDING DIRT BIKES can also improve mood and can increase dopamine and serotonin levels in youth, thus boosting happy hormones.

Improves posture

Riders have to maintain their best posture to improve their performance while dirt bike riding. Posture affects our lives in more ways than we often realize. It has a direct impact on our health, productivity, and self-esteem. Good posture can influence youths and develop healthy habits.

Good practice and persistence

It takes time and persistence to become an expert rider. A few things can help you along the way and make your time practicing more beneficial. Youths can develop a habit of practicing longer while dirt bike riding and eventually this habit may help in other aspects of their life as well.

Value of belongings

Dirt bikes need routine maintenance. This habit of regularly maintaining dirt bikes can help youths understand the importance of taking care of their belongings, taking care of their home and rooms.

Maintain relationships

Dirt bike sport helps develop a bond between youths and parents. When youths take up dirt bike riding they may need support from their parents like driving to the venue, certain emotional support. It’s not just the youths who are dedicated even the parents need to be dedicated as well. Parents need to get actively involved and be aware of their child healthy diet and exercise routines. These help to develop family values.

Value of community

Dirt bike riding helps you make friends. Many riders admit having closest friends through dirt bike experiences. The community experience is incredible – common interests, sharing tools or parts at an event or providing tips to improve others’ performance. Youths who participate in a racing meet others with similar interests, goals, and aspirations as their own. They learn the value of encouraging, supporting, and helping each other even though they might be competitors on the track.


In the world of sports, we’ve seen so many examples where winning is everything that losing becomes a bitter pill to swallow. It’s not that hard to see why; players are trained from a young age to win at all costs, and parents, coaches, and fans reinforce this idea every step of the way. But, in the case of dirt bikes, everyone except for the first place faces a degree of loss. Youths can watch others who are experiencing the same bitter feeling of defeat as they are, they can learn how to accept it in an appropriate manner and with dignity. This helps youth to learn how to bounce back after defeat. Children need to know that everyone experiences failure at some point in their lives, and there is nothing wrong with learning from mistakes and trying again later on.


The key to learning how to lose gracefully is teaching children how to accept winning with grace. It’s hard for some people to lose and for others, it’s even harder for them to win. One way or the other, we all need that grace period in which we learn how to deal with a loss or win with dignity.

It is difficult to win their first race, but hopefully, all children eventually get to feel the thrill of winning. Over a period of time, children might have lost multiple times and thus become used to accepting a win with both excitement and grace.

Personal focus and concentration

In dirt bikes, competition racers have to beat a single opponent: the track. The competition is not with other teams but giving your best to beat the track. Young racers learn that to be at their most competitive level, they must block the chaos around them and do their best on the track. Dirt bike is a great way for youths to start riding bikes, build their confidence and keep fit.

Risk management and environmental awareness

Dirt bike riding is not just a fun activity, but it teaches youths responsible riding practices, risk management, environmental protection, and awareness. It provides a safe experience of dirt bike riding through the bush and wilderness. It encourages minimal impact and creates awareness of the environment. Youths can learn to take calculated risks and be safe. It’s great for stress relief and helps to calm down.


Dirt bike riding can be a brilliant passion for youths to not only excel academically but also beyond academics to become empowered citizens. It is one of the best ways to get youths active and excited. It helps build life skills and develop values that youths need during their school years and also later in life as adults. Youths can not only enjoy riding dirt bikes, but it also develops STEM-related skills and access career opportunities. Fixing a dirt bike involves mechanical engineering, and popping a wheelie is all about physics. Dirt bikes challenge youths to discover the outdoors.

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