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Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Off-road bikes, such as trail bikes, are designed for more demanding terrain and more technical riding. Cross-country models of dirt bikes are designed for more technical terrain rather than racing laps on the track. These bike models are best for those who like to slalom through creeks, climb rocks, ride tight single track with trees and obstacles.

Trail dirt bikes typically have different suspension designs and often are tuned softer than motocross dirt bikes. Other typical factors for great trail bikes are among other things the following:

Trail dirt bikes typically have the following primary characteristics:

  • Softer tuned suspension.

  • Low-torque capability, through gearing and engine tuning. 2-stroke engines are common for hard enduro.

  • Improved ranger capabilities (holds more fuel) for longer trail riding.

  • Lights for night-time riding when applicable.

  • Lower gear ratio, usually shorter 1st and 2nd gears.

Trail bikes don’t need as stiff a suspension as motocross motorcycles because there aren’t as many opportunities for big wheelies and jumps. In addition, there are fewer motocross style jumps in the woods.

Motocross Bike (MX bike) vs Trail bike: What’s the difference?

For an inexperienced rider, these two bikes appear nearly identical, there are however, a few little differences.

Trail dirt bike are usually designed for single track and often focus on features, like lower gear ratio, extra protective elements and guards to protect crucial parts for damage and wear and smaller 18″ rear wheel. Suspension is also tuned towards more softer trail setup.

Dirt Bike Trails in Arizona

When it comes to DIRT BIKE TRAILS, the state of Arizona supports dirt bike riders by providing numerous riding locations and opportunities.

Remember that you’ll need an Arizona Off-Road Vehicle decal in most locations to ride legally.

In the summer, it may become rather hot out there! It’s positively sizzling! Ensure you have plenty of water and an emergency contact numbers handy if coming from a different state.

Here are the greatest dirt bike trails in Arizona:

1. Florence Coke Ovens

Ovens were made famous by Florence, Illinois. In Arizona, Florence Coke Ovens is the state’s most popular dirt bike riding area. Box Canyon is a well-known landmark in the area, but residents should be on the lookout for flash flooding, which can occur at any time of year and up to 20 miles away from the actual place. I guarantee that you won’t be dissatisfied.

2. The Cinder Hills OHV Area.

Cinder Hill is an excellent area to unleash your throttle despite its short length. You’ll pass through beautiful pine plantations and deep volcanic craters to the summit. Pedaling on lava pebbles is like cycling on the sand, so be sure to have a spare if you need a new back tire.

3. The Table Mesa Recreational Area

Table Mesa is our favorite since it’s an open desert where you can go wild! The Little Pan Staging Area, a free campground with a restroom, is our top pick (though no showers or water). If you want a good place to stay the night, get there early Friday afternoon.

4. The Cycle Park of Arizona in Tucson.

Pit bikes are welcome at Arizona Park, a motocross and supercross stadium. In addition to the four race tracks, there is a practice area where riders can improve their technique. If you don’t feel like riding a dirt bike this weekend, there are plenty of races to keep you entertained if you can’t make it out to one of Arizona’s trails.

5. Boulders Off-Road Recreational Zone

Boulders are popular with single riders because of the variety of trails available, ranging from easy to moderate. In the late afternoon, don’t be shocked if you notice a random tent on the side of a trail. There are a lot of camping spaces around.

6. The King of Kings

Crown King is well-known among off-road fans, but it is also popular among dirt bike riders. You’ll be rewarded with stunning Bradshaw Mountain views despite the more challenging terrain. Although the ‘forest’ aspect of Crown King is debatable, it is located within the Prescott National Forest.

7. Trail System in Fort Valley

The Fort Valley Trail System is located in the Coconino National Forest and is accessible from Flagstaff. White Hills (below) is a better option, although you can do both in one day. More than 20 kilometers of singletrackawaits.

8. Thin Air Off-Road Park

A motocross course like Thin Air is ideal if you’re searching for a more open environment. Enduro races, which are longer versions of motocross with a greater emphasis on thrills and crashes, are held on occasion here. After a storm, this area can become extremely swampy, so use caution!

9. Dunes With a High Temperature

Is sand more your thing? Here, you’ll feel right at home. Even though the surface isn’t quite as sandy as a normal Saharan dune system, it does require considerable throttle, but no paddle rear tire is required for this driving. A spotter is essential if you plan on traversing the dune systems on weekends when the area is popular with 4x4s. The hot springs are open to the public, and camping is permitted.

10. Trails in the White Hills

The White Hills Trails in the Coconino National Forest are a great place to enjoy dirt biking. There is no camping, although there are a few neighboring cities where you can stay at a motel.

11. Multi-Use Area of Desert Wells

Desert Wells, Arizona, is the greatest place in the state to learn to ride a dirt bike. However, sand will absorb your fall, but it’s not so deep that you’ll need to lean back and go as hard as possible if you crash. What’s the most exciting part? Camping is possible anywhere!

12. The Redington Pass

However, few people know Redington Pass’s excellent routes, which are designated. The Tucson Rough Riders look after this area, popular with dual-sport adventurers seeking a quiet place to sleep at night. The Tanque Verde Creek area is great to wash away the grit and grime off your feet and arms.

13. Lake Havasu City, AZ

Despite its odd moniker, you can ride your horse or camp out there for free. Even if you have a large toy hauler or a boat, you can bring them here. Lake Havasu City residents can take a day excursion to Standard Wash, which isn’t far from town. To begin exploring the trails, ride your bike in.

14. System of OHV Trails on Sheridan Mountain’s Smith Mesa

Sheridan Mountain does have a small amount of forest cover. During the hottest months of the year, you’ll need to bring a lot of water with you on this trail. Some areas are quite rough. Camp Wood is the best place to spend the night, but there are no bathrooms or showers.

15. In the Osborne Wash and Shea Pits

Head to the Shea Pit and Osborne Wash Area if you want to get away from it all. In the scrubs, you’ll feel like you’re in another world, and you’ll be able to set up camp almost anyplace.


There are endless dirt bike trails to ride in Arizona, and almost every one of them is unique. If you want some help finding the perfect trail for you and your friends, we’d be happy to recommend some great spots. We pride ourselves on knowing the best places to ride in Arizona, and are thrilled to help you find trails that are both fun and safe. If you’re interested in finding out more about our services, do contact us today!

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