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Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Want to enjoy the rush of adrenaline that comes with riding dirt bikes?

If you’re a beginner rider and/or recently purchased a dirt bike, you may have a lot of questions about the sport and how to get started. Or perhaps you’d like to get better at it or perhaps you’d like to compete in a race?

So, taking a training class with Max is a great way to start the sport safely. Not only are you developing new skills quickly and getting comfortable on the dirt bike, but you also meet like minded people and learn more about different types of dirt bikes.

If you’re new to the world of dirt biking, or if you’ve been riding for awhile and feel like your skills could use a refresher, and check out the top 5 areas to focus on with this short guide to dirt bike riding.

Remember to contact Max to talk about current training schedules and upcoming clinics!

1. Learning How To Operate The Clutch and Brakes Effectively

Operating the dirt bike starts with the basics. Even for an experienced rider, learning how to properly use the brakes and clutch is key to future improvements.

In Max’s training classes, these basic riding techniques are covered to make sure you can safely and successfully learn new techniques.

2. Proper Riding Position and Stance

Inexperienced dirt bikers tend to clutch the handlebars in a death grip. This is normal, but with the proper training and experience you can relax on the bike and focus on the riding. While DIRT BIKE riding is different in some aspects to mountain bikes or street bikes, some similarities remain like the riding position. It is important to learn how your body position will affect the riding performance and how to use your weight to your advantage.

3. Utilize the Weight of Your Own Body

“Be Like Water, My Friend” was Bruce Lee’s mantra. Body positioning is important aspect to riding dirt bikes effectively. Filming your self riding is a great way to understand how much body weight you are actually using and how to improve your performance.

4. Learning How To Control Power Delivery

Power delivery and traction is important in all riding. Clutch control and maintaining traction is crucial in more technical riding. So, most riders will benefit from clutch and power delivery exercises. Precise and controlled power delivery helps with learning new techniques and also is a skill that will get you out of trouble quickly when getting stuck.

5. Shifting Gears Is a Skill

Using the correct gear and effectively choose the right gear is a skill. Above all more time on the seat will naturally develop your skills and make gear selection easier. However, choosing the right gear in technical riding is an important skill and often requires training.


We hope you found this quick guide to dirt BIKE RIDING LESSONS useful and informative. If you are looking to take your dirt bike riding lessons to the next level, we can help! For more information on our services, please contact us today.

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