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our Mission

Provide riders with the knowledge and tools needed to safely and efficiently advance their riding in all terrains and discipline's.

With a solid foundation of fundamentals, riders can save energy allowing them to have more fun and explore more places.

Dirt bikes are the ultimate exploration tool, and we are here to teach you how to use it.


From very beginner, to professional riders competing at their highest level. We love seeing riders improve and introducing new people to the sport he loves.

Ages 6+ are welcome to come advance there skills.

We believe that a strong foundation of fundamentals are the key to your version of success on your motorcycle, and the best way to do that is to have fun while learning and progressing. We believe in and interactive coaching style which values patience, good energy, and repetition.

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owner & training director

Max is a multi time National Champion who is known for his virtuous mindset, versatility on a motorcycle and of course the mustache/cowboy hat combo. Max continues to pursue an active professional race career spanning several discipline's of off-road racing.

He also works as US Hard Enduro Media Specialist where he focuses on filming racing in remote locations, and follow cam behind the racers with narration.

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Max's Racing History

  • 2009 AMRA Overall Champ

  • 2010 AMRA Overall Champ

  • 2011 ISDE Silver Medalist- Finland

  • 2011 Endurocross Amateur National Champion

  • 2012 Endurocross Junior National Champion

  • 2017 Western Hare Scramble Champion

  • 2019 Western Hare Scramble Champion

  • 2021 3rd Place National Endurocross

  • 2022 AMRA Overall Champ

  • 2022 AMA Endurocross 10th overall

  • 2023 AMA Endurocross 7th Overall

  • Multiple US hard Enduro podium finishes

  • Multiple Endurocross Podium finishes

“I’ve established myself as a contender at any race. Hare Scrambles, Endurocross, Hard Enduro and Motocross.”

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Katie weiss


Katie is an Arizona native fueled by a lifelong passion for dirt bikes. Introduced to the sport in 2015 by her stepfather, Katie has since raced in the AMRA off-road series for the past three years and continues the adventure into 2024 on her Gas Gas 300.


Inspired by her growth and learning from riders like Max, Katie became a certified coach through USMCA. Specializing in Intro classes, she enjoys teaching riders of all ages, from 3-year-olds to adults. Katie's coaching style focuses on comfort and adventure, emphasizing positivity, patience, and mastering the basics.


As a USMCA Dirt Bike coach, Katie is dedicated to helping riders with mindset and learning, sharing her passion to turn your adventure on. Her motto is "Be Kind. Have Fun. Ride Dirt Bikes!"

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