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The 2022 U.S. Hard Enduro Series schedule has been announced and will consist of the East and West AMA racing Extreme Off-Road Regional Championships spanning from California to Pennsylvania.

Max Gerston headlines a new era in US Hard Enduro Series with the former Hard Enduro Specialist to join the commentary team for the 2022 Super Enduro season.

Max will embark on an exciting new role where he will add his expert insights to the action on behalf of the competition’s broadcaster. In the role as a contributor and media specialist, Max will provide additional information, inside knowledge, and not surprisingly, commentary, about the event.

In Max’s own words –

"For 2022, I am shifting gears for the US Hard Enduro series and will be taking on the role of a “Media Specialist”, where I will be a race reporter, commentator, and much more at the hard enduros."

  • Rider interviews, and “in race” commentary will be the main focus of my role.

  • My goal as the race reporter will be to provide insightful and colorful commentary for the broadcast that will be posted on social media that week.

  • I will be helping with track setup in regards to how it effects media presentation.

AMA Extreme Off-Road West/East Regional Championship Details

The AMA Extreme Off-Road Championship is under new management for the 2022 season, with Elevated Action Sports, LLC. acting as the series promoter. The series will undergo changes with the management team, schedule, scoring system, media strategy, and a branding overhaul to make “US Hard Enduro” the brand identity of both regional series. We will continue to work with and unite the hardworking clubs and promoters that put on the series races. The goal for 2022 is to build a solid foundation for the AMA Extreme Off-Road West and East Regional Championships, so they can grow and be run for years to come. We will offer separate title/presenting sponsorships for each regional series, but all sponsors will be shared nationally with non-exclusivity in mind. An AMA National Championship will be the next step to grow hard enduro in the USA, but that can only happen when a regional season or two is showing growth.

--2022 Management Team--

Matt Musgrove – Series Director Josh Schaecher – Course Director Rob Mitchell – Media Director

  • Promoter, media specialist, & fabricator

  • Owner of Elevated Action Sports, LLC.

  • Manages IRC Motoclimb Super Series

  • Produced over a dozen race events, including Endurofest

  • Director of “Uncharted: Superfly Climbs Peru” motoclimb film

Josh Schaecher – Course Director

  • Mechanic, track specialist, & fabricator

  • Owner of Schaecher Design Works

  • Rockstar Husky mechanic for 5+ years

  • Won 3 world titles, 3 national titles with Colton Haaker

  • Track manager for Romaniacs

  • Attended/worked over 60 hard endures

Rob Mitchell – Media Director

  • Filmmaker, media specialist, & advisor

  • Owner of EnduroWurx

  • Manages successful pages on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, &TikTok

  • Films for national-level brands

  • Director of “From the Other Side” endurofilm

2022 Schedule

The 2022 AMA US Hard Enduro Series will be 10 Extreme Off-Road events divided into two regional championships, East and West. Each round is hosted by the region’s premier clubs and promoters and also will act as qualifiers to the AMA Extreme Off-Road Grand Championship, the Tennessee Knockout.

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