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The Cleen Speed Engineering "Near" Brake Pedal Tip is a must have product that I run on all my bikes. It allows me to have easier access to the rear bake while riding on the balls of my feet. The stock brake pedal tip is so far away that I have to come up onto the heal of my boot on the footpeg to reach the rear brake, not ideal.

For reference, I have size 11.5 feet.


Application Notes:

  • Fits all 2017 and up KTM and Husqvarna as well as 2021+ Gas Gas offroad models.
  • Fits 2016 KTM SXF and XCF and 2016 Husqvarna FC models.
  • Does not fit KTM or Husqvarna big bikes (690-1290).
  • Near/Far pedal tips are US Patent Pending.

Clean Speed Engineering "Near" Brake Pedal Tip

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